About us

The shelter was set up in October 2015 after Amanda discovered three stray dogs running round her village, these were Agapius, Rusty-Jack and Poppy. She noticed a lot of homed dogs roaming the streets, being mistreated and not provided with any veterinary care. After biking around the village to feed these dogs for weeks and with the cold, harsh winter on its way, Amanda went into panic mode. She knew she had to do something to save these dogs.

After speaking with her husband, explaining she couldn’t live with herself if she simply did nothing to protect these helpless souls, she went in search of somewhere to house them. She found an old shack with half a roof on the side of a field. The area has since been transformed into a shelter with 14 pens dedicated to protecting these dogs, which Amanda cares for and feeds daily. 

To date Amanda has re-homed over 80 dogs and she currently cares for more than 100 dogs, most of these live at the shelter, but some are stray dogs that live in her local area. 

Why is there a stray dog crisis in Greece?

Sadly, there is a serious stray dog problem across Greece. It is estimated that there is close to a million stray dogs wandering the streets of Greece. This huge number is partly due to the economic crisis the country is facing. Although there are government funded neutering programmes for stray dogs, sadly they are only able to make a small impact on this growing problem. Small shelters and charities help to supplement this by doing their own neutering programmes. 

Many local people in Greece see the stray dogs as pests and they treat them as such. Amanda comes across many sad cases and too often has found pups tied up in a bag and left at the side of the road near her home, or they are poisoned leaving them to die a horrid, slow death. Amanda does everything she can to educate local people and young children, and she’s also working with the local council to develop their neutering programme of stray dogs, as this isn’t currently tackling the huge problem. 

How the shelter looks now