Adoption process

Step 1 – Application form
Once you have chosen your new family member, please download and complete the Adoption Application Form and read the Adoption Procedure & Guidance Pack or contact us via email ([email protected]) and we’ll send them both to you.

Step 2 – Home check
Contact will be made to arrange a home check at the earliest convenient date and time. This check will take about an hour. We will consider the suitability of the adopter, family, the property (including garden and security) and any other pets and animals. You will also be asked for information on previous dogs and other pets in the family. We do prefer the whole family to be present when we visit, so we can talk through the process with everyone and make sure you all feel comfortable and prepared.

Step 3 – Preparation for travel

If your dog is older than 6 months blood tests will be carried out and all necessary inoculations given. Your dog will be examined by a veterinarian to ensure they are fit to travel. A Pet Passport will be prepared and the Animal Health Certificate paperwork will be organised to enable your dog to travel. Costs can vary depending on which transporter is used, but an approximate guide is £500 plus. This fee is paid directly to the pet transporter. The adopter is responsible for collecting their dog from the drop off point in the UK to their home.There is also a contribution fee of £100 to help with medical expenses incurred whilst caring for your dog. 

Step 4 – Your dog’s journey
Your dog will travel by land from Greece to the UK and the dogs are fed, watered and walked during the trip, which is approximately 3 days. Professional dog handlers accompany the dogs at all times and the transportation company is registered with DEFRA/Europe.