Reviews by our adopters and volunteers

Anastasia (volunteer) ~ I spent a week at the shelter, which is the perfect time to get to know the beautiful souls over there. But I should’ve stayed longer because I fell madly in love with the dogs. It was a great experience, because it teaches you patience and makes a huge impact. Amanda tells you the stories of the dogs and some has such horrible ones from the past but still they are 100% ready to put their trust in you and it’s just amazing to see and to experience.

I got to know new people also who were so loving and kind and the area is just absolutely amazing.

I recommend everyone to do volunteering, it will open new ways of thinking and to just spend time with the animals calms your nerves.

I will for sure go back because it already feels like my 2nd home.

Anastasia with Prince

Beckie (rehomed a dog) ~ Our family adopted Thumbelina nearly 2 years ago from the shelter, after we heard about her plight from a close friend who had already adopted from the shelter. We knew it was a gamble to adopt a dog who we had only ever seen photos and videos of but we couldn’t have a better member of the family and we’d be lost without her. She is wonderful; gentle; loving; full of fun; well socialised and great with people. We adore her and she’s a wonderful part of our family.

The adoption process was actually very easy and not as expensive as you might think. We were kept informed all the way through the process and Thumbelina was even fostered by a volunteer when she arrived in the UK, as our other dog was taken seriously ill around the time she was due to arrive. We couldn’t have asked fro better support at a difficult time.

This is a wonderful organisation, run by the most hardworking, selfless lady Amanda Maguire Deligianni. These dogs have a chance at a good and happy life because of Amanda and the supporters and volunteers who help keep this shelter going.

If I was allowed, I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another dog from the shelter!

Benthe (volunteer) ~ I am 17 years old and I helped Amanda in the shelter for the last 6 weeks. I want to tell you something about my experience volunteering at the shelter.

When I arrived in Thessaloniki Harry picked me up from the airport. I saw a lot of Greece on my way to the village and I was astonished by the great view and the mountains. When I arrived at the village I met Amanda, she is one of the most sweetest persons I have ever met and really cares about the animals in the village. The first week I worked with a girl named Joanna. She is a really nice and sweet girl who taught me a lot about the people and the dogs. I was surprised to see how friendly all the dogs are. Despite the horrible things that happened to them. It is really special to see how much the dogs trust and love people.

After the first week I could work on my own. When you work alone with the dogs you really get to know them and feel the love they give to you. Everyone took really good care of me and it felt like I was surrounded by family and friends. I learned a lot in the time I spent here and I hope I will come here again.

Claire (rehomed a dog ) ~ Gianna is a beautiful loving dog who adores being cuddled and made a fuss of. She is full of love and joy. She is such a happy dog who loves to play. She gets so excited meeting other dogs. She is absolutely delightful with the most gorgeous light brown eyes that melt your heart. People who meet her call her a teddy bear.

Amanda does an amazing job seeing to the needs of the dogs in her care. She has given Gianna a wonderful start and I am grateful to her for loving Gianna, looking after her so well and rescuing her so she could have a home. Thank you Amanda for allowing your heart of compassion to rise up and stir you to take action and become a safe haven for all the dogs that are fortunate enough to meet you and be forever loved by you. You are a special woman and I honour you for all that you do dedicating your life to making the dogs live better. Xx

Becky (rehomed a dog) ~ You know when people say that their family feels complete when they have got a dog. I used to think “what a load of tosh” until Poppet arrived! It was a whirlwind romance, we had decided on getting a dog a couple of weeks before and even visited a local shelter, but it never quite worked out. Until a friend of a friend shared some pictures of this ridiculously cute white puppy who basically reached out of my phone and said I AM COMING TO LIVE WITH YOU and she did. And now our family is complete! The cat isn’t sure, she thought it was pretty complete before Poppet’s arrival but she is slowly getting used to having a white whirlwind stalker. There are always teething problems, having a new slightly hyperactive puppy in the house is bound to be a bit of a culture shock but with amazing support from Sarah and a whole lot of patience and love we couldn’t imagine a world without her. We cannot recommend adopting from Compassion for Greek Paws highly enough – the best thing we have ever done.

Kathryn (rehomed a dog) ~ We’ve had our doggies 8 months now & wouldn’t be without them. We’ve had our struggles but it’s been worth the perseverance. Bracken is just a delight & Brody is simply a mischievous boy. We’re so happy to have given these 2 dogs their forever home xx

Bracken and Brody when they arrived

Rehomed dog ~ I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Sarah Hodgkins, who then introduced Amanda to me. I was ready once again to have another rescue dog…my last rescue dog (grey hound) departed about 3 years ago… Long story short, David came along (we kept his name) mid January 2018.

Liaising with compassion for Greek paws and Thompson dog travel was a very smooth process. David is utterly adorable, a very clever boy indeed. He learns quickly, and is very clean at home. My heart is full of love each time I see him, and a little pain, to think of his very eventful life before arriving at Compassion for Greek Paws.

We are all learning together at home, to rekindle his trust in strangers, and to let him know, all will be ok. My husband and I are both in love, with our little chap.

Thank you… I do think I’ll be back for a friend for David

Rehomed dog ~ Bonbon’s first day in her new forever home. Bonbon is so amazing and just perfect. We love her so so much. She seems very happy and is settling in well with us her forever family. Bonbon is such a sweet girl and is so loving and affectionate.

Thank you Sarah and Amanda for all your help and support on our journey together. We will continue to donate, help and support this amazing charity, Compassion for Greek Paws

Rehomed dog ~ The first time I saw Seamus I knew we had to adopt him. his personality just shone through his photos. He was one of five siblings, two dogs and three bitches. Unfortunately they were found dumped by thr road side and sadly Seamus’s brother was killed by a car. His sisters have all been adopted. Two were adopted in Greece and another in England by my sister. After several months of communicating with Amanda, Seamus arrived in the early hours one June morning back in 2016. He was tired and frightened, but soon started to relax in his familiar surroundings. We absolutely adore Seamus and he gets on amazingly well with our two other dogs, Tilly and Beau. We love his personality and he’s always talking to us. He is amazing and we love him dearly.

we would like to thank Amanda and the friends of Compassion For Greek Paws for all the hard work they do to highlight the issues that still surround Greece and other European countries and if it wasn’t for Amanda we wouldn’t have Seamus.

Rehomed dogs ~ Faith & Hope were adopted by Rebecca and her family on 24th September 2017, who live in Bedford in the UK.

“We can’t imagine life without our beautiful girls now. They love to cuddle up together and walk daily in the beautiful local parks…often playing in the biggest pile of leaves they can find! Faith is patient, kind and gentle and Hope is cheeky, loving and playful. They have both filled our hearts with love and my autistic son finds them calming and reassuring.”

Jessey (volunteer) ~ Hi everyone, just wanted to make a quick post about my stay here in Greece. After a very eventful arrival (Harry’s car broke down at the airport) 7 hours after landing I arrived in the village.
I was greeted by the beautiful Koritsi and Amanda… oh and Tom the cat. I have never done anything like this on my own before so I must have looked a little bewildered!
Anyway that evening I went up to the shelter and met everyone! Instantly I fell in love with Hector, Agapius, Bono and Bea (you can see the hound obsession!)
Every dog has a piece of my heart, especially the shy ones. I’m determined to get Bea to take a treat from my hand before I leave. I’m so close.
One of the most challenging things here has been the rain. Oh my goodness does it rain here! Not a little drizzle, I was soaked right down to my bra!
We managed to clean in the morning and spend some time with the dogs. The afternoon/evening was then a huge rush to beat the storms. Unfortunately last night we didn’t manage it!
Amanda and I stayed behind and finished cleaning. I couldn’t see across the shelter as it was raining so hard!
All the dogs were soaked and it was an emotional moment. I’ve seen some sights but this was one of the most heartbreaking! I’ve never seen such sad faces. After laughing at how soaked we were we got the job done!
Tomorrow is my last day and I already feel so sad just thinking that on Monday morning I won’t get my daily dose of puppy spit, mud, wee but of course cuddles!
To anyone that is debating about volunteering, book the tickets tomorrow because you won’t regret it! I quit my job and booked my flights on the same day and it was the best thing I’ve ever done!
This was a scary thing to do. On my own, in a foreign country where all I can say is ‘hello’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’ and ‘shelter’. I’d never met Mandy or Harry or Benthe before. Honestly they felt like family after an hour. Mandy has become more than my Greek mum. We even said I could be her adopted daughter. I have loved every single minute and I can’t recommend it enough. I hope that we can put in place some ideas we’ve had and the shelter can grow for the dogs. I hope that we can also adapt it to make life easier and less stressful for workers.
I’m soooo excited about what the future holds for this shelter and I can tell it’s going to be good!
I can’t thank Amanda, Harry and Aristo enough for welcoming me and making me feel like part of the family.
I’m now counting down the days until I can book my next trip and of course counting how many dogs I can smuggle home!